Size matters!

Dreams of a big screen TV? and lacking $ 3000?

Read this text to the end, and you will learn how you can from the usual TV for 60 minutes to make a projection TV with a screen diagonal size of up to 2 meters! And all of it is almost free!


Perhaps it shock you, but it’s really real!


You might remember how expensive cost computers and mobile phones during his first appearance on the market. And now it is available to virtually all electronics. The thing is, that in fact the new technology is not worth the money for which we buy them! This also applies to large-technology TVs! Make a TV is so simple that even cope with this student.


If you have a normal color TV, you can watch any movies and programs, as well as playing computer games on the screen size of up to 2 meters diagonally!


So, you want to try?


For many years to manufacturers large-TVs will be getting super profits, but you have only five minutes from order to become the owner of the TV less than 600 rubles! Yes, yes, you are absolutely right, your costs would be less than six hundred rubles! (490 rubles, our guide + Fresnel lens , $ 100 additional materials sold in any hardware store)


Just imagine: your favorite TV shows, thrilling sporting events, and it’s all at your home on the big screen! Your friends will envy you and beg to tell the secret.


When you learn how easy it is to do, you will be amazed at what people are paying money, buying a huge TV, because their price is more than $ 3000. When you see the quality of the image, you will be surprised by this, as well as thousands of our happy customers.


You will learn the secret to successfully hide manufacturers large-TVs for many years. Now we are ready to tell it to you.


Are you ready to learn how simple and easy to make your own home theater?


Are you ready to find out what is the real cost of the TV, which is sold in the store for $ 3000?


So: all you need is!


1. Your normal TV
2. The Fresnel lens (included)
3. Our instruction


A tool that you need, there must exist in every home. All necessary materials are sold in any hardware store, the cost will not exceed one hundred rubles. Naturally, our detailed instructions supplied with all diagrams and drawings, as well as the necessary formulas for calculations.


We guarantee you that with the assembly of your new TV can handle even a schoolboy, as well as ensure that it does not even have to open your existing TV set and it is absolutely not how it will be no different after the upgrade, with the exception of the size of the picture you get with it ! Absolutely no damage!


Your costs:


1. Instruction – 490 rubles
2. A special Fresnel lens – for free!
3. The necessary materials (freely sold in a supermarket) – $ 100


Are you wondering where to send money? Do not hurry! Payment is made at the post office upon delivery (for the Russian people, for customers from other countries, information on next page). You send the order by filling out our The formula we will send the kit (manual in printed form + Fresnel lens ) parcel (A4 envelope) to the address you provided, you pay when receiving a parcel via mail order.


No prepayments!


We guarantee that you will be satisfied and using the knowledge gained will be able to achieve the effect described above!


STILL Watch your favorite movies on a small “kitchen” of the TV?